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Cheat Fatures:

Auto Shoot
The auto shoot settings also give you the option to take a headshot or other critical parts of the body while using the aimbot hack. Using this feature with a burst weapon usually means death for your target as you can rain bullets at it. Our aimbot hacks also equip you with movement detection which makes tracking your enemy very quick

No recoil
Another feature of the aimbots that it cancels out features like the velocity of the bullet, spreading of the bullet and recoiling. It makes the use of a sniper rifle exceptionally deadly as you can shoot from any distance with incredible accuracy. So go ahead, use our aimbot hack and become the sniper you’ve always wanted to be. The critical distance checks make shooting the target as easy as pulling the trigger.

Other Aimbot Tips:
Because your aim will be highly accurate at all times and your shots spectacular, you become vulnerable to being exposed to the anti-cheat feature employed by the game developers. Other players can also become suspicious if your squad is never hurt and seems invincible. The key to applying our great aimbot hack is to be subtle.

You can be tempted to show off your skills and feel powerful but you don’t want to be banned, do you. And because your safe and secure gaming experience matters to us, we have also provided some slick moves to use while conquering the battle arena.

Custom Aimbot Settings

Alternate between using and turning off aimbot features which can be easily customized in the settings. Taking consistent headshots will mostly likely get anyone flagged. The idea is to appear like a legit human player prone to make mistakes once in a while. Take head shots and shoot other body parts now and then and you should be safe.
Use single burst shots on your target till its dead. Going after your targets, raining bullets in burst mode will make you look suspicious to other players who might report and get you banned.

It is not mandatory that you make use of these techniques during your battles, but they can prove very helpful when you want to remain in the background as you stealthily take out your enemies. If however, you are adamant about going full in and fulfilling your fighting fantasy, go ahead and show off your skills. In the unfortunate event that you get banned, get a new account, and you are ready to play again. Yes, that is another great thing about our aimbot hack tool; you can use it as many times as you need. It is also perfect for beginners who have recently ventured into the fighting game genre. It is very user-friendly, convenient and is just a subscription away from making you a legend.

Difference Between Wallhack & ESP

Wallhacks are also known as ESP, and they enable you to see your opponents behind building structures and walls, hence the name wallhack. Another neat feature about our hacks is that it reveals the name of the target, its health status, and the weapons that are in his possession. Now that you know what you are fighting against, you can arm yourself accordingly and go in for the kill instead of getting ambushed by a fighter hiding in the bushes.

Wallhack Features

This wallhack also gives you the ability to trace gears, loots, and ammunition along the way. This can be especially helpful during the time of your drop. When you are dropped first, you do not possess any fancy equipment to fight your enemies which leaves you vulnerable and exposed to being attacked.

A wallhack can help you locate and secure a supply ship which will equip you with some elite ammunition and gear for the battle. If your goal is to gear up faster, the best option is to drop into a zone that is marked a red zone. However, the downside to it is that you start the battle almost immediately. But if you have our wallhack in your arsenal, you don’t have to worry about landing without a sophisticated weapon because you can virtually locate your next weapon or where to hide for safety.

ESP Advantages

The best thing is that you can locate this ammunition and explosives even if they are out of your sight. It can give you an edge from the start. And starting strong can be a great way to ensure your victory. Having a visual map of the battlefield makes you more likely to survive and ultimately win the battle. Wallhack in conjunction with an aimbot can be a lethal combination for winning the game.

Other Advantages

Another advantage of a Wallhack is that it is practically impossible to detect it unless you go on a rampage. Using an aimbot, you have to be careful about making consistent headshots which leaves you vulnerable for exposure. However, a wallhack is subtle and cannot be detected easily. Consider a scenario when you are hiding behind a wall. You know you are safe in your location, but because you have a wallhack, you attack and continually shoot dead an opponent hiding behind a solid structure. In an obvious situation like this, other players can get suspicious and may flag you for using a wallhack. If you continue to employ this tactic, you may even run the risk of being detected by the game developers.

Wallhack Strategies

The best advice we can offer is to be strategic and know when to employ the wallhack or use it in combinations with aimbot. Another great tip is to follow the target stealthily behind the wall and take your shot as soon as it comes in sight.

It is wise to take note of the situation and employ your hacks according to it. No matter how much material you read over the internet and videos you watch on YouTube, ultimately you will be playing the game, so it is best to take stoke of the situation and the circumstances and employ your battle strategies.